Good News from Mon, 09 May, 2011:

Techila Technologies to BizSpark Summit finals

Techila Technologies, a Finnish company specializing in high performance computing, has been chosen among the 15 finalists in Microsoft's BizSpark Summit. Techila is the only Finnish company to partake in the final phase of the competition.

The finalists were chosen from several thousand European growth companies. One of the criteria was that the finalists must have the ability to lock in outside funding in the future, a condition that Techila meets.

On June the 15th, the winner will be announced in an award ceremony in Brussels. The guest list consists primarily of IT investors and business leaders.

– BizSpark Summit is a great opportunity to make oneself known through over 200 invited guests, who represent different kinds of investors, IT companies and the media. We are naturally aiming for the top, but even a place at the finals delivers a message that our solution can harness the massive processing capacity of cloud computing for the purposes of high performance computing, stated Rainer Wehkamp, the founder of Techila Technologies Oy.

All of the companies taking part in the competition are a part of Microsoft's BizSpark program, which offers newly founded IT companies a chance to use Microsoft's development tools and to meet some of the field's top investors and professionals . The partaking companies have been through several evaluation cycles before entering the final stage. Over 37 000 companies take part in the program internationally.