Good News from Wed, 27 June, 2012:

Supercell's Hay Day among top ten games in App Store

The Hay Day farming game is designed for tablets and mobiles only. The Hay Day farming game is designed for tablets and mobiles only.

Supercell’s farming game Hay Day is one most downloaded game on the Apple’s App Store. Last week Hay Day made it into the top ten downloaded games for the iPad in the US and rose to 26th place on the top grossing games chart in just three days after its launch. The game, which lets players run their own farm and sell their produce to other players, is free to download, but players can purchase several items to speed up their in-game progress.

Hay Day is Supercell’s first mobile and tablet only game, meaning it has been designed for the iOS platform. You can play it on your iPod Touch, iPhone as well as the iPad.

— We saw an opening in the fact that Farmville was made to be played online with a mouse. We rethought the user interface of the farming game to suit a touch screen and wanted to take the social aspect of gaming to a new level, Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen is quoted saying on website.

Supercell, based in Finland, was founded in 2010 and the company has two more games coming up for Apple’s mobile platform in the near future. Their next releases, titled Clash of Clans and Battle Buddies, are currently slated for release late this summer.