Good News from Fri, 11 February, 2011:

Recycled sail canvas bag uses solar power to charge mobile phones

No need to worry about your mobile running out of charge while you’re out at sea as Nummi-based Globe Hope has launched a sail canvas bag complete with a solar charging system.

Sifti shoulder bags are made by hand from recycled sails used in the Baltic and from old safety belts taken from cars.  Inserted into the side pocket of the bags is a solar power charging system designed by the Finnish firm Suntrica.  Using the solar cells you can charge mobile phones as well as other electronic devices such as GPS devices, MP3 players and some digital cameras using their USB ports.  The device can be connected directly to the energy source inside the bag.

The solar cell battery functions by absorbing solar power whenever sunlight hits the cells.  A full battery will fully charge a simple mobile phone or provide half the charge for a modern touch screen phone. The solar cell can also recharge in cloudy weather, though it does so more slowly. Energy can remained stored in the solar battery for years.

A share of the profit from sales of the Sifti bag will be donated to conservation through the WWF.

Founded in 2003, Globe Hope manufactures a broad range of clothes and accessories mainly from recycled materials.  The products are made in Finland and Estonia and are sold around Europe and in Japan.