Good News from Wed, 10 August, 2011:

Patent for greenhouse gas emissions control

The new invention will protect the environment. The new invention will protect the environment.
A Finnish invention for controlling the greenhouse effect has been patented according to an Yle News article published yesterday.  Instead of storing power plants’ greenhouse gas emissions, nuclear physicist Mattia Nurmia’s method would neutralize them.

Matti Nurmia’s son Ilkka Nurmia, who is handling the export of this new process out to the world through Cuycha Innovation Oy, told Yle he was convinced that the invention could play a significant role in cutting CO2 emissions.

Developed about three years ago, the process works as follows:  carbon dioxide from the power stations is directed to the neutralization facility where the gas is washed and turned into a bubbly liquid.   It is then filtered through feldspar minerals.  The feldspar, or other silica material suitable for neutralization, turns the carbon dioxide into harmless bicarbonate.  This bicarbonate can be released safely as it is but, in addition, valuable metals are produced as a by-product which can be used in the electronics industry.  Aluminium compounds are also produced and these can be utilized to manufacture aluminium.

The first new projects featuring the new invention will be in Africa.

— For two years we have been trying to get things moving here in Finland.  Now we have two major projects in South Africa and five in Botswana.  There is the political will and World Bank funding for this sort of project, Ilkka Nurmia explained to Yle.

In Finland, Fortum is one of the companies interested in the process.

— As an idea it’s OK but in practice we have to sort out details and a wider scope of things before we can take a position on where this would be suitable, said Fortum’s Technology Director Risto Sormunen to Yle.