Good News from Thu, 07 April, 2011:

Opera fans urged to
complete online opera

Finland’s Savonlinna Opera Festival is calling on members of the public to help complete an opera online, which will be performed in 2012.

Since the Opera by You project was launched last year, the internet community has chosen a topic and title for the opera and co-created three scenes. Called Free Will it’s about a fight between heaven and hell.

The opera will be seven scenes long and contributors are asked to participate in deciding how the plot develops and add scenes by joining the Opera By You community. You can access the project at and help write the plot, compose the music and design the sets and costumes.  

A group of opera professionals are helping the Internet team and the Savonlinna Opera Festival will be placing soloists, a chorus of 80, a symphony orchestra and a production crew at the online community’s disposal.

The full opera will premiere in the medieval castle of Olavinlinna at the Savonlinna Opera Festival 2012 in Finland. About 60,000 people visit Savonlinna every summer for the festival, held 330 kilometres  northeast of Helsinki.  It’s one of Finland’s most popular summer attractions.

The most active members of the Opera by You community will win a trip to the festival in July 2012 to see the opera performed