Good News from Wed, 22 June, 2011:

Nokia unveils its new N9 smart phone

The N9 is Nokia’s first phone to use the Meego operating system.

Nokia today unveiled its new N9 smart phone in Singapore. The N9 has a full touch screen and three home screens and its user interface utilizes a new simple swipe movement.  The front of the phone has no buttons and all functions are accessed using the touch screen.

The N9 is Nokia’s first phone to use the Meego operating system.  Its casing is polycarbonate which improves antenna performance, audibility and sound quality while also reducing call drop-out.  The N9 incorporates NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to allow content to be shared and better interfacing with other devices than its predecessors.  The N9 will be available for ordinary users during this year.

As well as the N9, Nokia also showed three cheaper mobile phones: the C2-02, C2-03 and the C2-06.  Their features include map functions optimized for Series 40 devices, an uprated web browser and a combination of touch screen and traditional buttons.  The family phone range also includes two models using SIM cards.

Nokia re-stated its ties to the Symbian operating system.  The company will commence in July to deliver its Symbian Anna equipped devices, the N8, E7, C7 and C6-01.  During the next year Nokia intends to launch up to 10 new Symbian phones.