Good News from Wed, 30 November, 2011:

Nokia Lumia 800 flying off the shelves in Britain

Nokia has promoted its Lumia 800 in U.K. with huge marketing campaigns. Nokia has promoted its Lumia 800 in U.K. with huge marketing campaigns.
Nokia’s first Windows phone Nokia Lumia 800 is flying off the shelves in Britain. According to the web publication Nokia has sold out the phone in the U.K. The website quotes the mobile phone manufacturer saying that the company “is having difficulty meeting consumer demand for the new device.” According to the Phone Titan, Nokia's newcomer has also sold out in numeral shops in France and Netherlands.

Nokia launched Lumia 800 phone in the U.K last month, and it has marketed the phone with massive advertising campaigns. On Monday it organised a light show in central London which saw the Millbank Tower turned into a huge Lumia 800 phone. Nokia also recently won a prestigious award for its Windows Phone in “The What Mobile Awards” in U.K. The company was awarded the Editor’s Choice Award for its Windows phone.

Nokia states that “Lumia 800 sales in the U.K. are off to an excellent start, and based on earliest data, the sales start of the Lumia 800 is the best ever first week of Nokia smartphone sales in the U.K. in recent history."

The Finnish mobile phone manufacturer is planning to launch its Windows phones in North America early next year, and the good reception of its phones in the U.K might give it momentum elsewhere. quotes recent study from the NDP group which found that nearly half of smartphone users are considering a switch to Windows, which may mean higher than expected sales for the U.S. and Canadian launches as well.