Good News from Wed, 20 April, 2011:

Nokia brings photorealistic 3D maps to the browser

NOKIA OVI MAPS You can even view the Nokia headquarters on the map in 3D. You can even view the Nokia headquarters on the map in 3D.
Nokia has introduced the 3D beta version of Ovi Maps.  The new service was launched at the Where 2.0 conference in Santa Clara, California.

The 3D maps begin with a bird’s eye view from which the user can zoom out or in right down to a street level view with a 360 degree panoramic view.  It is also possible to circle individual features such as buildings or trees to get a view that corresponds to the reality on the ground.  Use of the photorealistic 3D imaging is free and works from the net browser.  A plug-in needs to be installed first, however.

The Beta version includes maps of 20 big city areas in Europe and North America.  Street views are currently available for Copenhagen, Helsinki, London, Oslo and San Francisco.  The number of 3D maps will increase over time.

The Nokia Ovi Maps service covers 180 countries at present of which 100 are navigable on a mobile phone and through 93 different networks.  In the mobile version there are 53 different language versions with 29 available on the web.