Good News from Thu, 17 September, 2009:

Nintendo Wii console charms with Finnish meerkats

Inaria Interactive, a game company and a business brand of Lapland Studios in Rovaniemi, will publish a Wii-game called 'Lead the Meerkats'. The game is likely to be the first Finnish Wii-game in the WiiWare download service.

- In Lead the Meerkats -game the player has to lead a pack of meerkats through the Kalahari Desert with a plenty of dangers, challenges and tasks. The game has been designed for youngsters and children, which are also the biggest target groups of Nintendo Wii. The game can be downloaded at WiiWare download service already this year, tells CEO of Lapland Studios, Ilkka Immonen.

The game hasn't been designed considering any technological factors. Generally speaking, it is a fun game and leisure for the whole family. The sensing technology of Wii brings a kind of an extra element to the game.

- The game business has always fascinated our experts and the shareholders of the company. Since the very beginning, we have considered growth as our strategy, which includes developing out service output-department and bringing out the company as a game designer.

Immonen discloses that games and subcontracting tasks relating to games will bring in about 90 per cent of the company's turnover this year.

- Lapland Studio has hired a few new employees for the project, and out aim is to continue increasing our staff, when our new project is launched.

Lapland Studio Oy, which was established in 2004, is a company specialized in modeling 3D-graphics, animation, visual effects and games. It is headquartered in Rovaniemi, with a branch in Helsinki.

The company has 16 employees at the moment. A subsidiary has been planned in affiliation with the North Karelia College Outokumpu, which hosts a study programme for game development. The company aims at developing Lapland Studio and Inaria Interactive-brand into a leading Nordic game studio.