Good News from Mon, 18 July, 2011:

Neste Oil expands its renewable raw material selection with camelina and jatropha oils

Jatropha grows in very poor soil and its cultivation does not pose a threat to forests. Jatropha grows in very poor soil and its cultivation does not pose a threat to forests.
Neste Oil will expand the selection of raw materials used to produce NExBTL renewable fuel with jatropha and camelina oils. By introducing these new raw materials in its feedstock base, Neste Oil will increase the proportion of non-food materials and raw materials that can be grown on cultivation areas less suited for food plants in its raw material procurement.

Jatropha is a family of perennial shrubs or trees of which there are some 150 varieties.  Its seeds are very rich in oil.  Most varieties are toxic and therefore not suitable for human consumption.

Typically the jatropha grows in very  poor conditions such as in sandy soils or hay and shrub lands in savannah climate. Its cultivation does not therefore threaten areas of forests.  It can be cultivated in areas unsuitable for normal cultivation of food crops or  classified as wasteland. Jatropha is also used to prevent erosion and desertification.

Camelina is related to oilseed rape and grows best in the northern temperate zone, including Finland. Camelina can be grown on fallow land, and it is suitable for rotational cropping, for example, with wheat.

Neste Oil continues to use palm oil and its by-products stearin and palm oil fatty acid distillate, rapeseed oil, as well as waste animal fat from the food industry as raw materials. As a result of the continuous feedstock base expansion, the proportion of crude palm oil is expected to be less than 50% of the total bio-based raw materials used in the production of Neste Oil's renewable fuel in 2011.

Neste Oil has been selected into the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index and in the Ethibel Excellence investment register. Neste Oil is also included in The Global 100 list of the world’s most sustainable corporations. Forest Footprint Disclosure (FFD) has ranked Neste Oil as the best performer in the oil and gas sector.