Good News from Thu, 23 September, 2010:

Neste Oil develops technology for turning waste into feedstock for renewable diesel

Future diesel could be refined from waste.
Future diesel could be refined from waste.
Neste Oil has applied for patents for technology developed to produce microbial oil from waste and residues with the help of various yeasts and molds for use as a feedstock for its NExBTL renewable diesel.

Research work, which was commenced at the end of 2007 with the Aalto University School of Science and Technology, has progressed to a stage where the process technology-related challenges have been solved. The microbial oil produced from yeasts and molds has already been successfully refined into NExBTL renewable diesel.

– We are focusing particularly on non-food materials capable of making a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Our research has shown that waste-based microbial oil meets these requirements superbly, and for this reason we consider it a very promising future raw material, says Biotechnology Manager at Neste Oil, Markku Patajoki.

After a successful research phase the emphasis will now shift to evaluating microbial oil's potential for pilot-scale production. Commercial production of microbial oil will begin in 2015 at the earliest.

Renewable NExBTL diesel can be manufactured from different vegetable oils and waste fat from food industry. At the moment renewable diesel is produced from palm oil, rapeseed oil and waste fat sourced from the food industry.