Good News from Tue, 21 June, 2011:

Miradore manages remote management securely

UPM was Miradore’s first customer. UPM was Miradore’s first customer.
Software house Miradore is heralding a new era in remote management.  Using the company’s new software, several devices such as tills, smart phones and PCs can all be managed using the same platform.

This development will improve the security of the devices being managed.  Miradore also believes that the remote management system will also reduce companies’ electricity bills since the devices can also be remotely switched off at night or at weekends.  The Miradore service also includes locking out lost devices or erasing their data.

Miradore was formed when the forestry products group UPM was in need of a management tool for several computers and users around the globe.  Now its customers include, as well as UPM, the Finnish Defence Forces whose Pasi armoured personnel carriers’ command and control system is based on a remote management application.

Equipment that supports Miradore include Linux and Windows PCs, tills as well as smart phones using Symbian and Android platforms.  New releases will relate to IOS devices and  Windows Phone.

The company’s licence sales last year were worth 600,000 euros and the target for 2011 is 1.5 million euros.  80 percent of Miradore’s growth comes from abroad.