Good News from Tue, 19 January, 2010:

Metso to rebuild market pulp machine in Alabama, USA

Metso will supply Alabama Pine Pulp with a rebuild of their market pulp machine in Claiborne, Alabama, USA.

Metso’s delivery will include both a wet end rebuild as well as the new finishing equipment needed for roll fluff pulp production. The scope of supply includes a new headbox, steambox, calender, and winder. The renovation will be completed in stages beginning in the spring of 2010 with the final completion in early 2011.

Alabama Pine Pulp is part of the Alabama River Group (ARG), a subsidiary of Parsons & Whittemore Inc. Alabama Pine Pulp produces quality softwood and hardwood market pulps. The Claiborne Mill Complex employs 550 people and is recognized as one of the largest pulping operations in North America.