Good News from Fri, 16 March, 2012:

Makia and Etnies join forces

MAKIA & ETNIES The shirt logo symbolises co-operation. The shirt logo symbolises co-operation.

The Helsinki streetwear company Makia Clothing and the US-based Etnies, known for its skateboarding shoes, are embarking on an adventure to create a joint apparel and footwear line. The first collection resulting from the alliance, for the autumn-winter 2012–2013 season, will hit stores in August 2012.

The partnership was started on the initiative of Etnies. The inaugural collection will be mostly black and white, and a video for it is currently being shot in Finland.

— The video, which will be a couple of minutes long, is being filmed on the streets of Helsinki and in the neighbourhood around the old Räsälä village school near the city of Kuopio, says Totti Nyberg, Managing Director of Makia.

Featuring props such as a kick-sled, the brochure for the collection will also have a definite Nordic feel to it.

According to Nyberg, the co-operation will extend at least three years. The autumn 2013 collection is already being designed.

Makia, known for its streetwear aimed at women and men, was founded in Helsinki in 2001. The company’s apparel is sold in more than 300 stores in 25 countries.

The footwear brand Etnies operates out of California, but got its start in France, where it was founded in 1986.