Good News from Mon, 16 April, 2012:

Lemminkäinen paves the way in Scandinavia

Lemminkäinen All roads lead to Lemminkäinen All roads lead to Lemminkäinen

Lemminkäinen has won 81 million euros worth of this year’s paving contracts from the Norwegian state and 11.5 million euros worth of paving contracts in Sweden from the local traffic authority, Trafikverket.

The order from Norway amounts to 29 per cent of the asphalt work contracted out. In all, Lemminkäinen received 30 paving contracts, with a total asphalt volume of 630,000 tons.

The market share which Lemminkäinen won was particularly high in Northern and Central Norway. Contracts for Norway's municipal and private sectors will be put out to tender later in the spring and summer.

Lemminkäinen has been in the infrastructure construction business in Norway since 2001. In 2011, Lemminkäinen's net sales in Norway totalled around 280 million euros and it employs around 600 people there.

The Swedish contracts include 130,000 tons of paving and are located in Central and Northern Sweden.

Nordic infrastructure construction is one of Lemminkäinen's strategic growth areas. The company intends to increase net sales from infrastructure construction in Norway, Denmark and Sweden, by about 100 million euros in 2012-2013.

Lemminkäinen Group sales in 2011 were about 2.3 billion euros, of which international operations accounted for roughly a third. The group employs 8,400 people.