Good News from Tue, 27 July, 2010:

Lappset brings children and adults together through play

Lappset Oy from Rovaniemi is a real expert in the field of play. This company takes play seriously and has been manufacturing playground equipment for 40 years now. Today, playground and outdoor equipment manufactured by Lappset puts a smile on the faces of children and parents in 40 different countries.

– Our aim at Lappset is to make outdoor areas as pleasant as possible both for children and for adults. We want our products to contribute to enjoyable outdoor experiences that young and old alike can share, explains Lappset’s Managing Director Juha Laakkonen.

One of the common themes running through Lappset’s products is precisely that - narrowing the generation gap. The Lappset range includes, for example, the 0 – 100 concept intended for people of all ages, making the playgrounds suitable for everyone. According to Mr Laakkonen this concept can inspire three generations to take exercise together through play.

– Equipment designed for three generations brings together children, parents and grandparents. Whereas traditional playgrounds are designed just for children, with new equipment we can create the ideal environment for the different generations to be together. At the same time, the equipment also addresses the mobility issues that arise with age, Mr Laakkonen continues.

The company is 40 years old this year.  It was born out of the need to develop playground environments for children that were more conducive to exercise and also softer. The company has
followed the direction indicated by its founder Antero Ikäheimo and it still strives to promote well-being through play. The efforts of its capable and committed workforce, together with a culture of ongoing development are important factors in the company’s success.

– Lappset’s trump cards are consistent high quality over the years, practicality and dependability of supply around the world. The company’s ‘can do’ attitude has remained firmly ingrained in the Lappset culture, Mr Laakkonen concludes.

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