Good News from Wed, 26 August, 2009:

Lapland’s gold rush brings revenue to Inari

Prospecting of gold has a great significance to the municipality of Inari. Gold miners coming into the area from elsewhere guarantee a million Euro revenue to Inari every year.

According to a research carried out by the University of Oulu gold miners spend weekly about 50 Euros only for groceries during the mining season. Money spent on groceries totals therefore to 200,000 Euros, when mining weeks are estimated to be four thousand. The estimation is based on grocery shopping done solely in the shops of Inari municipality.

Gold prospectors spend considerable amounts of money also on machinery and appliances. About fifty interviewees reported to have invested a total of 800,000 Euros in the course of years. According to a careful estimation approximately 550 miners have invested 5-6 million Euros on their claims. Last year gold prospectors purchased appliances from Inari municipality with at least 100,000 Euros.

The research excluded money spent by residents of Inari, and their relatives. With all expenses taken into consideration Inari municipality benefits from gold prospectors by over a million Euros every year.

The giant gold nuggets, which have been discovered recently, have increased enthusiasm among gold prospectors. Also the price of gold has been on the rise.

Lapland's gold burns have also been generous in recent years. This summer's biggest gold nugget weighed 118,52 grams.

Many shy gold prospectors do not reveal their discoveries. It is known that several gold nuggets, which are found in recent years, but not publicized, have weighed up to 20-40 grams.

The Gold Prospectors Association of Finnish Lapland reached the mature age of 60 years this summer. It was established on 18th September 1949 during a hectic gold rush in Lemmenjoki. Today the association has over three thousand members.