Good News from Mon, 23 January, 2012:

Kiosked and Transfluent in final of international mobile competition

Kiosked, who have reshaped web advertising and Transfluent who specialize in translation in the social media have both been selected as finalists in the international mobile innovation competition the CODE_n Award.

A jury composed of technology experts picked 50 finalists with business ideas designed to make the mobile field smarter.  Kiosked’s innovation in the final is the Web Wide Shop which should make internet shopping easier.  Transfluent made it through to the final with a translation service that quickly translates messages sent via the social media into other languages.

The finalists get to present their services at the international CeBIT technology fair in Hannover in March.  The jury will select the ten best finalists from whom the winner will be picked.  The winner, who will be named on March 8th, will receive 25,000 euros as well as mentoring from an expert for a two year period.

A total of more than 400 start-up companies from 42 countries participated in the competition.  As well as from Finland. the finalists came from Russia, the Netherlands, Singapore, USA, Nigeria, Iceland, Austria and Spain.

The competition is organized by CODE_n which operates under German-based IT services specialists GFT Technologies AG.  The CODE_n Award is being held this year for the first time.  The aim of the competition is to showcase new services for the mobile field.