Good News from Thu, 14 April, 2011:

Ixonos develops world’s first 3D interface for MeeGo

ICT service company Ixonos has developed the world’s first 3D user interface for the MeeGo platform. The interface was presented for the first time at the Beijing Intel Developer Forum (IDF).

The Ixonos 3D interface platform allows easily adaptable and easy-to-use user-interfaces to be developed for many different operating systems and models.  The platform utilizes Rightware Oy’s Kanzi solution that is capable of stereoscopic 3D.

According to Ixonos the new interface is just one of many MeeGo projects that the company has developed.  MeeGo is a mobile device operating system developed by Nokia and Intel.  Ixonos has worked for a long time with Intel.

The company is also presenting in Beijing an Android-based multi-window solution.

With its headquarters in Helsinki, Ixonos develops mobile devices and services as well as the wireless technologies and programs they use.  The company has some 1,200 employees in its offices in eight countries.  In 2010 the company’s turnover was 84.9 million euros.