Good News from Wed, 17 August, 2011:

Investors believe multitouch displays will conquer Asian markets

The growth plans of Multitouch, the manufacturers of multitouch display screens, have been given a boost with the injection of a two million euro investment.  The money comes from Finnish Industry Investment Ltd and Veritas Pension Insurance.

According to the Multitouch’s CEO Petri Martikainen, the capital investment to grow the company serves to really validate its role as an international player in the provision of multitouch displays on the US and Asian markets.  He noted that the number of retailers was growing considerably.

— People have learned to expect ever more intuitive user interfaces and involving user experiences.  The Multitouch display revolutionizes the way information and experiences are shared.  The Multitouch international success story is still in its very early stages and our expectations are high, noted Staffan Sevón from Veritas commenting on the company’s investment.  

Founded in 2007, Multitouch develops desktop and wall-mounted multitouch displays and related technology.  Intended for professional use, the displays are used in such applications as retail outlets, exhibitions, public areas and events.  Currently the customer base extends to 40 countries.  In addition to Helsinki, the company has offices in New York and Santa Clara.