Good News from Fri, 15 May, 2009:

International PulPaper 2010 brings together Forest Industry specialists

PulPaper 2010 will be held at the Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre on 1-3 June 2010. The event is expected to turn out to be the largest meeting for the Pulp and Paper Industry worldwide. The conference programme revolves around the theme ‘The Resurgence of Paper Industry’.

PulPaper 2010 is the most significant international event of the Forest Industry worldwide. At the same time it is the most international event taking place at the Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre. The event is commissioned by Adforum together with Paper Engineers’ Association, and organized by The Finnish Fair Corporation.

The last PulPaper event in 2007 in Helsinki attracted over 16 100 visitors from 78 different countries. Nearly half of the orders that were places at the fair reached international markets. The main interest was on paper- and cardboard machinery, pulp production, pumps and valves, process and quality control, maintenance technology, energy and environmental protection, chemicals, planning and construction as well as transport and handling of materials.

- PulPaper 2010 will give the visitors a wide overview of the use bio-energy within the forest industry, as well as new business possibilities within the field. Innovative products and standards of activity are now central issues in order for the Paper and Pulp Industry to maintain its competence on today’s markets, comments the CEO of Paper Engineers’ Association, Pirkko Molkentin-Matilainen.

A conference, which will be held in association with the PulPaper 2010 will carry a theme “Implementing the New Rise” and it will host a range of discussions from bio-energy within the forest industry, new media, cost efficiency and resourcing, solutions for sustainable development and technological discoveries to change management and entrepreneurship.

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