Good News from Fri, 21 August, 2009:

International Internet-research center CIE opened in Oulu

The new international and interdisciplinary research center, the Center of Internet Excellence, or CIE, had its Grand Opening on Wednesday. The CIE, which works in cooperation with the University of Oulu, is focused on internet research. The leading thought of the center is to support the commercialization of innovations which have been made in the university research environment. The center aims to start the commercialization process as early as possible, while the research projects are still running, reports Kauppalehti-magazine.

Research carried out at the CIE, which produces new innovations around the Internet, will be aided by the exceptionally close cooperation between academics and the business world for instance by sharing work spaces. This approach to commercializing academic research brings the two fields of operation very close together. The establishers of the research center; City of Oulu, Nokia, Technopolis Ventures, Technical Research Centre of Finland, the Oulu University of Applied Science expect 100-200 Finnish and international researchers for the center. In addition to support from the founding bodies funding for the center is sourced from public research funders and in the commercialization phase of the innovations, capital investors.

Some of the main themes of the research center touch on urban applications of Internet's ubique technologies, the interaction between humans and machines in virtual user interfaces and next generation Internet identities, safety and communication. Also business possibilities opening up around social media such as Facebook, will be one of the center's research themes.