Good News from Thu, 24 November, 2011:

Helsinki plans to gain Fairtrade City mark

Finland has already five cities with Fairtrade City mark. Finland has already five cities with Fairtrade City mark.
The city of Helsinki is planning to switch to Fairtrade products in order to join the other five Finnish cities which already have been awarded the Fairtrade City mark. In Finland cities of Tampere, Pori, Joensuu, Lohja and Espoo have already gained the mark.

The city of Helsinki board voted on the matter on Monday. In order to receive Fairtrade City status, Helsinki has to use Fairtrade teas and coffees in the city hall and all of its functions. In addition to that, the city also has to use regularly some other Fairtrade products, such as fruit. The final decision will be made by City Council.

There are already 1014 Fairtrade Cities in 22 different countries, and across all six major contintents. These cities include London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Brussels, Copenhagen, Oslo, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Vancouver and Wellington. Wales became the world's first Fairtrade nation in the summer of 2008.