Good News from Fri, 03 August, 2012:

Google expands data centre in Finland

lehtikuva / Jarno Mela Google is responding to the growth in cloud computing. Google is responding to the growth in cloud computing.

Google is planning to invest 150 million euros to expand its data centre in Finland, citing rising demand for online access to video and data. The work to expand the facility is expected to last about 18 months.

Today the centre employs about 90 people and when the work is completed, the talk is of hiring 25 new employees.

The data centre is housed in a former paper mill in the south-eastern town of Hamina on the Baltic Sea coast.

Google paid 40 million euros for the mill, part of which was designed by Finnish architect Alvar Aalto, before investing another 160 million euros on converting and equipping it.

Companies like Google, owner of the world’s most popular search engine, have been expanding data centres.

In April, the company said it will spend more than 300 million dollars building its largest Asian data centre in Taiwan, after announcing smaller centres in Hong Kong and Singapore in September.

Finland and other Northern European countries are popular sites for such facilities as hydropower and cold climates cut cooling costs. 

Google's data centre in Hamina uses sea water from the Bay of Finland as a cooling agent.