Good News from Tue, 16 November, 2010:

Five-year research programme to develop Carbon Capture and Storage

CLEEN Ltd - the energy and environment strategic centre for Science, Technology and Innovation – will launch a five-year CCSP research programme for developing Carbon Capture and Storage. The budget of the research programme is 20 million euro.

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is considered to be one of the main technologies for reducing CO2 emissions in the future. The method is based on the capture of carbon dioxide from power plants and industrial processes, after which the carbon dioxide is purified, compressed and transported to a suitable long-term storage location.

The CCSP research project is intended to be launched in January 2011. Major contributors of the research programme are, among others, Fortum, Foster Wheeler, Rautaruukki, Neste Oil and Helsingin Energia, Ramboll and Vibrometric, together with leading Finnish research institutes.

The overall objective of the programme is to focus on combining CCS related technologies with Finnish top expertise in energy, such as its application in the joint production of electricity and heat. CLEEN Ltd. trusts that this offers an excellent starting point for developing international and state-of-the-art CCS technology.

– With this kind of research programmes, designed and carried out in close collaboration between companies and research institutes, we will be able to ensure internationally competitive and up-to-date competence – even if we cannot always realise the demonstrations in Finland, explains Tommy Jacobson, CEO of CLEEN Ltd.

CLEEN Ltd. (Cluster for Energy and Environment) is a strategic centre for science, technology and innovation established in 2008 by companies and research institutes operating in the fields of energy and environment. Its purpose is to bring together Finnish top expertise in the fields of energy and environment as even more competitive entities.