Good News from Thu, 07 June, 2012:

Finpro opens trade centers in Peru and Colombia

Finpro sees opportunities for Finnish companies in the Andean region Finpro sees opportunities for Finnish companies in the Andean region

Finpro, which promotes the growth and success of Finnish companies on the international market, is opening trade centers in Peru and Colombia to support the growing interest that Finnish companies have in the region.

The Finpro trade centers scheduled to open this year in Lima and Bogota will provide service in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia.  

Peru and Colombia have signed a free trade agreement with the European Union that will take effect this year. Last year the countries attracted a total of more than 15 billion US dollars in foreign investment.

The growing prosperity of the Andean region and the fact that foreign companies are more welcome is increasing demand for Finnish expertise and professional skill in many sectors, says Vice President Matti Landin, who is in charge of Finpro's operations in Latin America.

The economies of Peru and Colombia have been growing at an annual rate of more than five per cent and the growth is expected to continue.

According to a Finpro report, countries in the Andean region have significant opportunities in several different industries, such as mining, cleantech, infrastructure construction projects, health care, telecommunications, oil, and the education and security sectors.

Fixed-term financial support from the Ministry of Employment and the Economy is helping to finance the opening of the Andean trade centers.

Separately, Finpro announced it is opening a trade centre in Jakarta, Indonesia to benefit from the country’s rapid economic growth.

According to Finpro's survey results, the country offers particularly good growth potential in the cleantech and energy industries.

Finpro's assignments in Indonesia and in all of Southeast Asia have increased significantly over the past few years. One of the Finnish companies expanding to Indonesia is Chempolis, a developer and provider of environmentally friendly biorefining technologies.