Good News from Thu, 26 July, 2012:

Finnish startup simplifies smartphones

Larger font helps make the start screen easier to use Larger font helps make the start screen easier to use

If you find smartphones confusing to use, a Finnish startup may have the solution. Oulu-based Simplofon believes it has developed an easy-to-use interface.

Research shows that most smartphone owners use their device for phone calls, text messages and taking photographs but they are often faced with a wide range of applications and menus.

Simplofon has developed an application which simplifies the smartphone start screen and provides users with a slightly larger font in its displays. It allows people to read news and weather forecasts easily and to use other common basic functions.

— We initially intended to target seniors with this application, but as we continued the project, we discovered that it might also be useful for younger users, Simplofon chief executive JariTaajaranta.told YLE news.

— The Simplofon target group is the over-35 year old age group. We are also developing a version for children that would have functions like limiting online usage.

The new phone software will initially be available for phones using versions 2.2 and 2.3 of Samsung’s Android operating system but support for newer Android versions is in the works.

Simplofon which is staffed by former Nokia employees, told YLE it is exploring the possibility of creating versions of its software for the Meego operating system revived by another startup, Jolla, as well as for the Windows Phone platform used in Nokia’sLumia line.

Simplofon has partnered with teleoperator DNA to develop the application as DNA’s distribution channel should make it easier for customers to buy the product without having to find it in an app store. 

Customers can have the new interface installed on the phone’s memory card for about 30 euros when they shop for a phone