Good News from Wed, 09 March, 2011:

Finnish mobile expertise to Kenya

A pilot project led by Finpro (Finnish Association for International Networking) will be taking Finnish mobile expertise to Kenya.  The target groups are the poor and people with poor access to communications.

– Mobile markets represent a good way for Finnish companies to approach the markets in developing countries where there are up to four thousand million consumers.  Mobile phone usage in Africa has spread wider and faster than any other electronic device.  More than half of Kenya’s four million inhabitants use mobile phones, explains Finpro’s Project Manager Eeva Nuutinen.

Mobile applications have become more common in Kenya and the growth of pre-paid mobile connections alone has grown nearly 20 percent in a year.

– Kenya needs mobile services accessible using basic mobile phones but also using entry-level smart phones. A large proportion of mobile applications could improve the lot of the poor and those living in remote locations through services such as health care, education and banking, explains Nuutinen.

Six Finnish companies from the mobile sector will be heading for Kenya in search of local business partners.  The project will be implemented in collaboration with a Nairobi-based mobile operator supported by, among others, the infoDev programme.