Good News from Wed, 22 September, 2010:

Finnish entrepreneurship policy gains top ranking

A recent analysis carried out by the Nordic Council, has for the first time compared the efficiency of entrepreneurship policies in the Nordic countries. The research was carried out by the Danish research institute FORA, whose collaborator in Finland was the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK.   

The Nordic region’s best overall framework for entrepreneurship was considered to exist in Finland. The start-up rates of new companies and the number of growth companies were very competitive in Finland.

However, in Finland, like in other Nordic countries, there is much space for triggering the development of an environment for scaling up new growth companies.
– General entrepreneurship policies and operational prerequisites were considered to be adequate in all the countries. Before the global recession there was positive and stable increase in the emergence of new companies in the surveyed countries, tells expert Kimmo Hyrsky from the SME sector of the Confederation of Finnish Industries.
In future the Nordic Council wants to activate inter-Nordic entrepreneurship policies. The research presents suggestions for the enhancement of the region’s entrepreneurial culture. The Nordic Council proposes different measures for achieving more coherent growth entrepreneurship policies between the Nordic countries.

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