Good News from Thu, 12 November, 2009:

Finnish Amateur film hits the bullseye

What Became of Us will be released in Finnish cinemas in December. What Became of Us will be released in Finnish cinemas in December.

Finnish film What Became of Us has won the Best Euro Feature award at the International Film Festival of South Africa. In September the film, which has been directed by 22-year-old Miika Ullakko and realized entirely by an amateur film crew, was the winner of the Audience Award as the Best Feature Film of 2009 at C&CIFF Film Festival in France.

The film will also be released in Finnish cinemas, which is unique for films made by amateur film crews.

- What became of Us- film surprised us positively and we experience that it has a lot to offer to the Finnish cinema audience, comments Finnkino on the press release of the production team. The film will be premiered in Finland on December 11th.

The film is special because of the way it has been made. Most of the film crew are not professionally involved in the film industry, or even study within the field, in addition to which the film was made on an extremely low budget. The funding was sourced mostly by passing a hat around.

- Here is a chance to affect the future of the film, and at the same time demonstrate how far true faith in yourself can take you, says Ullakko.

What Became of Us has previously been a nominee at Hamburg and Strasbourg International Film Festivals and it has been viewed for instance at the Love & Anarchy Helsinki International Film Festival.

The film is a story of primary-school group of friends who are reunited as adults in a class reunion.