Good News from Thu, 19 July, 2012:

Finlayson’s competitive edge lies in its charming characters

finlayson The Moomins and elephants first appeared on Finlayson’s products in the 1960s. The Moomins and elephants first appeared on Finlayson’s products in the 1960s.
Chubby, good-natured characters, Moomins and elephants, have been an integral part of textile company Finlayson’s products since the 1960s. Laina Koskela designed the Elephant (Elefantti) print in 1969 and last spring its production was restarted. The 1960s also saw the beginning of Finlayson’s co-operation with the Moomins, which helped Finlayson to expand globally.

— All of our Moomin products are licensed products approved by Oy Moomin Characters Ltd, which is responsible for Moomin copyright supervision. The subjects in our products are based on the original drawings by Moomin creator Tove Jansson. The prominence of the Moomin brand has helped Finlayson to gain a foothold in markets such as Japan, where the company is not widely known, says Mailis Linnola, Design Director at Finlayson.

Finlayson’s range of Moomin products includes everything from bed linens to towels. According to Linnola, the Moomin product family does especially well in Finland, but overseas as well, with demand increasing particularly in Japan and Sweden. Russia is also seeing growing interest in the Moomins.

— Moomin towels are the most popular products, because the varying standard measurements for bed linens limit their distribution in different countries, Linnola continues.

(Photo: Finlayson)

Finlayson is well known in Finland for its other classic prints, too, one of which is the familiar and loveable red and brown Elephant from the 1970s. It made its comeback to the shops last spring, this time in yellow and blue.

— We were not at all surprised by the popularity of the Elephant print: it is graphical, endearing and appeals to both children and adults. Many people remember the design from their childhoods. It was also popular in Sweden. Next autumn the Elephant print will be available in red, says Linnola.

(Photo: Finlayson)

Finlayson’s story began when Scotsman James Finlayson established a cotton factory in Tampere in 1820. The factory was, at one time, an important employer in Tampere, with half of the city’s residents working there in the 1860s. Today Finlayson is one of Finland’s most renowned textile companies, with a product range that includes fabrics, household textiles and beds.