Good News from Thu, 03 November, 2011:

Finland world’s third most egalitarian country

As usual Nordic countries place at the top of the survey. As usual Nordic countries place at the top of the survey.
Finland ranks third in the World Economic Forum’s global survey of gender equality.  Finland figures strongly, particularly with regard to the education of women and the number of ministerial posts they hold.  A total of 135 countries were surveyed.

Nordic countries as usual placed at the top of the standings.  Ahead of Finland were Iceland and Norway with Sweden following in fourth place.

According to the survey 85 percent of the world’s countries have succeeded in narrowing the gender equality gap over the past six years.  The increase in equality has been most evident in the fields of health and education and, for example, the health differences between men and women have continued to narrow in ever more countries.  In education as well, in many countries women can access education as easily, or almost as easily as men.

In Finland it is particularly in the field of education that gender equality is evident.  Within economic life and politics the role of women has not generally improved but Finland did earn a good ranking for its number of female ministers.

The survey report states that empowering and educating girls and women and leveraging their talent and leadership fully in the global economy, politics and society are fundamental elements of the new models required to succeed in today’s challenging landscape.