Good News from Tue, 02 October, 2012:

Finland plans to be the first in Europe to ban coal in energy production

Finland might ban the use of coal for energy production by 2025. Finland might ban the use of coal for energy production by 2025.
Finland could become the first European country to ban the usage of coal for energy production.

According to Bloomberg, Finland may phase out the use of coal in energy production by 2025. The news agency quotes Economy Minister Jyrki Häkämies comments published from the parliamentary debate.

The Finnish government subsidies and taxes seek to boost the use of renewable energy and cut fossil fuel use by 2020, according to the national climate and energy strategy. The strategy was drawn first time in 2008, and the current government plans to update it by the end of the 2012.

— Investments into renewable energy will play a key role in the updated policy. All the imported energy which we can replace with domestic energy sources not only creates jobs, but also cuts emissions and improves our current account, Bloomberg quotes Häkämies saying.

Finland imports all of its coal, mainly from Russia and Poland. Fortum is the Finland’s biggest power producer and it operates the country’s largest coal-fired station, the 920-megawatt Inkoo plant on the south coast. Fortum also has a share in the 565- megawatt Meri-Pori plant on the west coast.