Good News from Mon, 11 July, 2011:

Finland is the Nordic forerunner in wireless communication

According to a Nordic telecoms survey, Finns are the forerunners in wireless telecommunications.  At the end of 2010, Finland had approximately 30 mobile broadband subscriptions per hundred citizens, whereas the corresponding figure in other Nordic Countries varied between 10 and 20. These differences are partly due to the fact that mobile data transmission services have been productified differently in Finland.

The large number of mobile broadband subscriptions can also be seen, for example,  in the number of mobile subscriptions and in the amount of data transmitted via the mobile network. The amount of transmitted data in Finland was the second largest after Sweden. Last year in Finland During one year, the amount of data transmitted for each of the 8.4 million mobile subscriptions was four gigabytes, equivalent to more than five CDs full of data.

Finns also make longer mobile calls than people in other Nordic Countries. On average Finns talk for more than three minutes, whereas average call duration in other countries varies from under two minutes up to two and a half minutes. In the other Nordic countries subscribers send more text messages and also make considerably more calls from fixed lines than Finns do.

In terms of fixed line broadband, Finns fared worse than the other Nordic Countries.  Finland lagged behind both in terms of  the number and the speed of fixed line broadband subscriptions.   Take-up of fixed line broadband subscriptions appears to have been slower and to have started years later than in other Nordic Countries.

Telecommunication Markets in the Nordic Countries is a joint publication of FICORA and other Nordic telecom regulators. The information in the publication is based on a database which is jointly maintained by regulatory authorities.