Good News from Fri, 26 November, 2010:

Finland is building its brand around functionality, nature and education

Jorma Ollilla presented Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb with a mission at the launch of the Country Brand Delegation’s final report in Helsinki. Jorma Ollilla presented Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb with a mission at the launch of the Country Brand Delegation’s final report in Helsinki.

In 2030 Finland will be the world’s problem solver.  That’s the vision of Finland’s country brand delegation whose final report ‘The Mission for Finland’ was launched on November 25th at the Torpparinmäki Comprehensive School in Helsinki.

The delegation worked for a good two years to pinpoint Finland’s strengths and defined the country’s brand identity as being the functionality of Finnish society, the Finns’ close relationship with nature and a propensity for education.  Within these key areas the delegation feels Finland has most to offer to the rest of the world.

One of the most striking characteristics of Finnish culture and the Finnish way of working is focusing on the solution.  In many comparative studies, Finland stands out as the world’s most functional country. The report points to two natural traits of the Finnish character that contribute to this -  dependability and a low level of hierarchy.

The delegation lists 34 missions in its report for various players ranging from ministries and local authorities to businesses, organizations and individual Finns. The purpose of these missions is to continue to develop Finland’s strengths and at the same time to offer real solutions to global problems such as the shortage of clean water and climate change.

Mr Jorma Ollilla, the delegation’s chairman and Chairman of the Boards of both Nokia and Shell, distributed three missions at the launch of the report.  Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb accepted the mission of establishing a peace mediation convention dedicated to Martti Ahtisaari and the mission of the Finnish Water Forum to make the water in Finland’s lakes pure and drinkable by 2030. The third mission relates to the well-being of those at schools and its message was addressed to all students: do something together, even with the quietest ones in the class.

A common House of Finland organization to drive the national brand

The delegation proposed a new House of Finland organization to spread the national brand.  This would bring together international communications players from both public and private sectors to build the Finland brand.  The report tasks with starting up the co-operative concept the heads of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy and the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Foreign Minister Stubb emphasized the importance of this ongoing work in the future.

– The delegation report presents a thorough analysis of the Finnish identity. Even more important than analysis, however, is to swing into action. The real country brand work starts now.

The entire report can be downloaded from the internet in Finnish, Swedish and English at: