Good News from Thu, 07 April, 2011:

Finland is a safe, friendly location for conventions

Finlandia House is one of Finland’s most popular convention centres. Finlandia House is one of Finland’s most popular convention centres.
In Finland in 2010, a total of 61,371 visitors participated in international conventions.  The average convention participant stayed 4.9 days in Finland and spent 207 euros per day.

The economic impact of convention travel and the experiences of those visitors have recently been examined in a congress survey carried out by the Finland Convention Bureau (FCB) which is a part of the MEK (Finnish Tourist Board).

In total, income from international conventions was 72 million euros, comprising combined income from the convention organizers and participants.  In these terms, the economic impact of a single convention visitor is 1,175 euros.  Indirectly the total impact on Finland’s employment was 1,202 person work years.

According to the survey, 90 percent of the participants considered the local convention arrangements to be good or very good.  In particular, Finland’s security and friendliness was noted.  A clear majority were visiting Finland for the first time.

Technology and informatics, medicine and business were areas which featured most heavily in conventions held last year.  Around half of all the conventions were within these fields.  Most participants were at medical conventions.

The FCB, who market Finland as a location for conventions and corporate events, has commissioned the convention survey since 1986.  A total of 6,510 meeting guests from 16 international conventions took part in last year’s survey.  The survey was carried out by Taloustutkimus Oy.