Good News from Tue, 11 September, 2012:

Finland among the top five in the global Web Index

The global Web Index was launched by the Web Foundations which is led by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. The global Web Index was launched by the Web Foundations which is led by Sir Tim Berners-Lee.
Finland ranks on the fifth place in the Web Index 2012, a global ranking that measures the impact of the web on the world’s people and nations. The Web Index was launched by the Web Foundation which is led by Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

Sweden came in top in the country-by-country global study which uses data from the last five years to rank 61 nations according to the state of the web and its political, economic and social impact. The United States was on the second place followed by UK (3rd), Canada (4th), Finland (5th), Switzerland (6th), New Zealand (7th), Australia (8th), Norway (9th) and Ireland (10th).

The index measures and ranks three key attributes of the web in different countries. These are: web readiness which is the quality and extent of communications infrastructure; web use which looks at the percentage of individuals online and the quantity and quality of content available to users in their language and the impact of the web which is broken down into political, social and economic.

According to the report, Finland ranks among the top ten nations in all the different measures, and ranks particularly highly in terms of the political impact of the web (4), web usage (3) and institutional infrastructure (3).

“The high quality of Finland’s communications and institutional infrastructure has facilitated widespread access to the Web for Finnish citizens. This manifests itself in one of the highest usage rates in the world—89% in 2011,” comments the report on Finland’s ranking.

Report also mentions that available content in Finland has increased sharply in recent years, and as a result the socioeconomic impact has risen as well. For example, the Finnish government is increasingly seen to use web to provide information to citizens, to interact with stakeholders and to engage citizens in decision-making.