Good News from Thu, 16 July, 2009:

Environmental prize awarded to Kemira's waste effluent technology

A waste effluent treatment plant built and developed by Kemira has been awarded an environmental prize in Germany. The prize was awarded by the Association for Studies and Promotion of the Economy of Schleswig-Holstein. The prize was awarded for the 25th time for new technology, product or operation, which contributes to sustainable development.

The award-winning technology is utilized by the aluminum producer NordAlu. According to the jury, the company's operations towards conserving natural resources can be considered significant. The company uses processes and technologies that convert waste into usable raw materials. This way NordAlu has managed to minimize the amount of waste it produces.

The award-winning plant has managed to reduce its waste bulk considerably due to Kemira's advanced technology. The plant recovers aluminum hydroxide, sodium aluminate and phosphoric acid from the production and surface treatment of aluminum profiles. It also recovers recyclable chemicals from the waste material.

Kemira has been in the water treatment business for nearly 50 years. The company operates in 40 countries and its turnover in 2008 was approximately 2,8 billion Euros.