Good News from Fri, 27 April, 2012:

Finnish computers among the cleanest of the clean

Finland ranks third in the world for the least viral infections in computers. Finland ranks third in the world for the least viral infections in computers.

Finnish computers have the third lowest number of virus infections in the world according to Microsoft’s Security Intelligence Report published on 25 April.
The report estimates that 7% of the world’s computers contain viruses while the percentage for Finland is 1.6.

The business weekly Talouselämä talked with Tim Rains, Director of Product Management in Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing group, shortly before the publication of the report. According to Rains, Finland sets an example for the rest of the world.

— I visited Finland six months ago and we have since made a case study of Telia-Sonera’s security procedures. It turned out that the IAP’s IT department contacts the user of an infected computer very quickly and isolates the device from the network. Such a proactive approach is unique. This could not be done in the US for example, due to Internet access being seen as a freedom of speech issue, says Rains in the Talouselämä interview.

The magazine speculates that Finland’s high ranking may also be the result of the high security awareness of Finns, which is also indicated by the Microsoft’s February report that looked into the computer security awareness of Europeans.

A thousand computers were scanned for malware in each country for the now published report. The highest “cleanness ranking” was scored by China, with Japan in second place. In addition to Finland, the top five included two other Nordic countries, Denmark and Norway.

The most infected computers can be found in Pakistan and Palestine, with nearly one in three of the scanned computers containing malware.