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Businessmen’s pride and joy evolves into an everyday product

Nokia Mobira Cityman 900 appeared on the markets in 1987. Nokia Mobira Cityman 900 appeared on the markets in 1987.
The mobile age began with the Nokia Mobira Cityman 900. When this novelty appeared on the markets in 1987, quite a few businessmen exchanged their 4.5-kilogram car phones for the less-than-800-gram Cityman, which they were proud to show off on bar counters.

For many, the model was an out-of-reach dream due to the phone’s steep price of 24,000 Finnish markka (around EUR 4,000). Despite its weight and price, the model became a classic.

One of Cityman’s most famous users is undoubtedly Soviet President Mihail Gorbatšov who, while on a visit to Finland, was given the opportunity of calling his communications minister on a Cityman during a direct TV broadcast.

The first mobile phone for many people was, however, the Nokia 2110, which appeared on the market in 1994. The model was the first to have two-way text-messaging and exchangeable covers. The price was also more consumer-friendly, at 5,250 Finnish markka (900 euros today). The phone could be attached to a belt with a separate clip.

Nokia receives daily feedback on its products.

— Once, we were contacted by a woman who had dropped her phone while mountain climbing. A year later, someone found the phone and the owner’s number in it. The phone was sent back to her, recalls Tomi Kuuppelomäki, Nokia’s Communications Manager.

Mauri Pietikäinen, General Manager, Finland and Baltics, predicts that the company’s next classic product will be Lumia, providing many an entertaining story in the years to come.

Mauri Pietikäinen, General Manager, Finland and Baltics, describes the development of Nokia’s phones.

Mihail Gorbatšov talking to his minister of communications with a
Mobira Cityman.