Good News from Mon, 14 September, 2009:

Blue1 introduces Lapland to the French

Blue1 challenges Finnair in winter air traffic between the south and the north Blue1 challenges Finnair in winter air traffic between the south and the north

The airline Blue1 will increase its flights between Central Europe and northern Finland by opening new routes from Paris and Düsseldorf to Kittilä in the Finnish Lapland. The company will also continue flying between Helsinki and Kuusamo, Ivalo, Kittilä and Rovaniemi this winter.

The company is pleased with the popularity of its flights between Helsinki and Lapland, which were launched last winter. This year's flights to Kuusamo and Kittilä will be opened in November continuing until April. Flights to Rovaniemi and Ivalo will be operated between December and April.

The flights from Europe to Kittilä will be operated between December and March-April. Blue1 also intends to invest in air traffic between Moscow and Kittilä.

Finland's second biggest airline Blue1 has been part of the SAS Group since 1998. In a few years the company has strengthened its position in the Finnish and international markets. Last year the company's 13 jet aircrafts transported 1,6 million passengers.

Northern Finland is cooperating with airlines and travel agencies in looking for new ways for bringing tourists to Lapland after the British winter tourism has shown signs of drying up due to the recession. The Russian airline Rossiya will open a series of nine charter flights between St. Petersburg and Kuusamo in December.

The City of Kuusamo decided to concentrate on St. Petersburg when Blue1 chose Kittilä as the destination of its direct Moscow flights.