Good News from Fri, 08 July, 2011:

Biohit launches new electronic pipette

Biohit has launched an electronic pipette which is designed to improve speed and precision, while minimising contamination risk.

The new eLINE pipette has been available worldwide since the end of June. It is targeted at molecular biology laboratories handling small liquid samples of between 0.1 and five microlitres.

Thanks to patented technology, the pipette dispenses liquid rapidly from the tip, meaning it can be emptied completely without leaving any drops.

As a result, liquid-handling procedures can be conducted quickly, precisely and with no risk of samples becoming cross-contaminated.

Biohit has the world’s largest range of single and multichannel pipettes and the company is the market leader in electronic pipettes. In 2010, over 90% of Biohit’s 40 million euro net sales were generated by pipettes and connected products and services.

Besides liquid handling products such as pipettes and pipette tips, Biohit develops, manufactures and markets diagnostic tests and analysis systems.

The globally operating biotechnology company was established in 1988 and is headquartered in Helsinki.