Good News from Mon, 05 August, 2013:

Biohit launches a new quick test for celiac disease

The new test developed by the Finnish Biohit diagnosis celiac disease in ten minutes. The new test developed by the Finnish Biohit diagnosis celiac disease in ten minutes.
Biohit, the Finnish biotechnology company, has launched a diagnostic quick test which allows the diagnosis of celiac disease from fingertip blood sample. The test is targeted to healthcare professionals. According to the Finnish company, the new test differs from other currently available in its ability it to test all the antibodies in a human body. Biohit confirms that the diagnosis from a fingertip blood sample will only take ten minutes.

- Quick test is an efficient method to diagnose celiac disease. The test measures gluten antibodies in serum and negative results exclude celiac disease. Compared to endoscopy, fingertip blood test is a much more pleasant way to make the diagnosis, comments Medical Director of Biohit, Professor Kari Syrjänen.

Celiac disease is relatively common autoimmune disease in which the rye, wheat and barley protein (gluten) causes inflammation and damage of intestinal mucosa, which interferes with the absorption of nutrients.
According to company’s CEO Semi Korpela, the new test doesn’t completely remove need to endoscopy, but reduces the costs because it cuts the number of unnecessary endoscopies. The quick test cost is a fraction compared to conventional diagnosis by endoscopic biopsy.

The new test is CE-IVD registered and at the time of market entry available in European countries. Biohit was established in 1998, and the company is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. The company has subsidiaries in China, Italy and United Kingdom.


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