Good News from Thu, 27 August, 2009:

Amroy glues wind turbines with pine resin

Lahti-based Amroy Europe Oy is in the process of developing natural epoxy which will be suitable for glueing the vanes of wind turbines. The resin derived from pine oil may be suitable for replacing the petrochemical based epoxies, which have been used for the purpose so far.

The resin will be used for glueing the glass and carbon fibre parts of the vanes, turning them into robust composite structures. The resin has been branded as Epobiox and on-going research on it is taking place at the Nanoscience Centre of the University of Jyväskylä.

Other partners of Amroy are for instance the Californian Entropy Research Labs (ESL). The American company and Amroy work together in developing suitable resin composites for sporting equipment such as ice hockey sticks and skiis. Amroy Europe Oy has taken part for instance in the development the Montreal Hockey composite stick Nitro.

- I don't consider nanotechnology quite as the new Nokia, but potential especially in the world's wind energy market is good, comments the CEO of Amroy, Antti Valtakari.

The company, which was established in 2002 has already experienced both, good and adverse sides of the business. The economic downturn and Asia's great credit losses led the company into a complete reorganization with a goal of securing its operations, nanotechnology in general and especially the continuation of development work with Epobiox.