Good News from Wed, 23 January, 2013:

Taltioni introduces personal electronic health records

Taltioni’s goal is to be a shared database and service platform for citizens, healthcare operators and well-being service providers. Taltioni’s goal is to be a shared database and service platform for citizens, healthcare operators and well-being service providers.

The Taltioni service platform, launched in Finland in early January, compiles health and well-being data all in one place. Its purpose is to gather the data offered by citizens, healthcare organisations and well-being service providers into a centralised data depository. 

Various health data, such as vaccination information, lab results and personal blood pressure readings, taken from various services either by private citizens themselves or by professionals, can be deposited in Taltioni’s personal health accounts. The service is not, however, intended to replace the patient data collected by healthcare professionals, but to support and supplement such data. 

Health data can also be shared via Taltioni, thus making it possible, e.g. to monitor the well-being of children or one’s elderly relatives. The owners of the personal health accounts are, however, the ones who decide who can use their personal data and to what extent.

Ambitious goals have been set for the service.

 ― Taltioni’s goal is to position Finland as a trailblazer in electronic health-care services. Individuals will benefit from this development first and foremost, once they are able to start using the new tools to control their well-being. Even on a global scale, Taltioni, developed together by public, private and third sectors, is a unique means of promoting electronic self-care, says Taltioni’s Managing Director, Tuomas Teuri.

Taltioni came about as a result of the Finnish Innovation Fund’s Personal Health Records project, which wrapped up in 2012. The service platform is now being developed by the non-profit Taltioni co-operative, whose founding members come from both the public and private sector.

Taltioni is an open environment, meaning various operators can develop their own applications for the service; initially, however, only the services of the co-operative members will be offered. At the moment, these consist of the Elämä pelissä (Life at stake) test, Terveystalo’s My Health web service, and the Pharmaceutical Information Centre’s Medication card electronic service. New services are in store for the first half of this year.

Setting up a personal health-care account is free, but registration requires a mobile certificate or Finnish banking codes. For the time being, the service is only available in Finland. (in Finnish)