Good News from Fri, 13 May, 2011:

Aalto University researchers set marine diesel world record

Diesel engines of the future will deliver much greater output. Diesel engines of the future will deliver much greater output.
The Research Group of Combustion Engines located at Aalto University Department of Energy Technology has set an unofficial performance record for medium-speed marine and power station diesel engines.  The  peak cylinder pressure reached a 30 megapascals (MPa).

The record was set by the single-cylinder EVE (Extreme Value Engine) research unit.  Its measured cylinder pressure was significantly above what is achievable in conventional engines.  A high cylinder pressure enables greater power density and better efficiency.  The emissions produced by combustion can be reduced by utilizing the properties and adjustability of the research engine.

The test run is an essential experimental part of combustion research, the long term aim of which is to raise the efficiency of marine and power station engines to a totally new level.  Professor Marti Larmi of Aalto University told of the research results at a seminar on engine and fuel technologies of the future.  The seminar was organized by the Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines branch group of Teknologiateollisuus (Federation of Finnish Technology Industries)

The primary co-operation partners in the research project are  Wärtsilä Finland Oy and Componenta Pistons.  The research project has been partly funded by the FCEP programme of Tekes Cleen Oy and by the EU 7th frame programme project Hercules Beta.