Good News from Tue, 03 July, 2012:

Major open knowledge event hits Finland

The international Open Knowledge Festival will be organised in Helsinki from 17 to 22 September. Hundreds of experts in the field from around the world are expected to take part. The key organisers of the collaboratively planned festival are the British Open Knowledge Foundation, Aalto Media Factory and The Finnish Institute in London.

Open knowledge includes the sharing of many types of knowledge, such as programming code, in a way that the information is free for everyone to use, modify and share. The Open Knowledge Festival’s topics range from open democracy and government data, open and smart cities, open source software and business, to open design and data journalism.

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) initiative, which includes 55 countries, is one of the topics of the festival. The network aims to promote transparency, empower citizens and harness new technologies to strengthen governance. Finland is seeking membership in the OGP. The festival also includes discussing the transformation of Finnish sauna diplomacy into an Open Sauna citizens’ movement. Open Sauna is calling on companies and organisations to open their saunas to the festival-goers, giving them the chance to familiarise themselves with Finnish sauna culture.

Speakers at the event include Hans Rosling, data visualisation guru, Carsten Berg, campaigner for participatory and direct democracy and Farida Vis, advocate for data journalism.