Good News from Mon, 21 May, 2012:

Fortum Tutor football programme scores UEFA prize

The goal of the Fortum Tutor programme is to develop the skills of junior football coaches. The goal of the Fortum Tutor programme is to develop the skills of junior football coaches.

The Fortum Tutor programme, which hones the skills of junior football coaches, has been chosen by the Union of European Football Associations, UEFA, as the top European Grassroots project. The award is part of the UEFA’s Grassroots Day held on 19 May when the game is celebrated throughout Europe as a reminder of how important grassroots-level work is for the vitality of football.

Fortum Tutor, started by Fortum and the Football Association of Finland in 2009, is a national programme which aims to nurture the skills of junior football coaches. The programme focuses on coaches of children aged between five and eleven. The programme involves more than 20 000 children and their families.

— Skilled, encouraging coaching plays a significant role in perpetuating children’s interest in the sport. Fortum is an excellent example of a sponsor programme in which a company and a national association make a shared investment in the future – in children and young people, says Anne Brunila, Executive Vice President, Corporate Relations and Strategy, Fortum.

One hundred football coaching experts have been chosen to take part in the programme and to annually tutor more than 2 000 junior coaches. The tutoring provides the coaches with support and assistance in developing their own coaching expertise. The Football Association is responsible for the content of the programme while Fortum provides its funding.

The Football Association of Finland is a more-than-a-century-old specialised football union. Its over 1 000 member clubs encompass around 115 000 registered players.

Energy corporation Fortum employs more than 10 000 people.