Good News from Tue, 26 June, 2012:

Deltamarin joins Titanic replica project

Just like the original vessel, Titanic II will be around 270 metres long. Just like the original vessel, Titanic II will be around 270 metres long.

Australian billionaire Clive Palmer and Finnish-based ship design company Deltamarin have concluded a contract according to which Deltamarin will be involved in the project to build a new Titanic. The news was covered by, among others, the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle (Yle Uutiset).

Palmer plans to build a replica of the Titanic which, once completed, would sail between England and the United States, just like the original vessel. Deltamarin’s Sales Director Markku Kanerva told Yle that Deltamarin has been commissioned to carry out a feasibility study for the project. The study will include, among other things, a full review of the vessel’s safety aspects. One of the challenges will also be reproducing the interior of the ship: the original Titanic contained an abundance of wood, which is not possible under the current fire safety regulations.

In his interview with Yle, Kanerva said it will take several months to complete the study. Based on the results, the decision will be taken whether the ship can be built or not. Kanerva hopes that Deltamarin will also be involved in the actual design phase if construction is given the go-ahead.

Palmer announced his plans in April 2012. According to Yle, Palmer hopes that Titanic II will be ready to make its maiden voyage in 2016.

The Titanic sank in the North Atlantic Ocean on 15 April 1912, causing the deaths of more than 1 500 people.