Good News from Fri, 10 August, 2012:

Scoopinion recommends high-quality journalism


Helsinki-based Scoopinion has launched an online service which recommends articles and through which the company aspires to achieve its modest goal of saving journalism.

The Scoopinion service makes it easier to find high-quality articles from among the vast masses of news available on the internet by tracking what articles the service’s users read and how long it takes them to read each article. Based on the users’ reading patterns, the service provides them with recommendations of stories which may interest them. The service additionally lists the articles that its users found the most engaging.

Scoopinion does not monitor the entire internet’s news flow, instead it concentrates on certain selected sites. The service includes both Finnish and foreign publications.

The company’s objective is to make Scoopinion the internet’s largest crowdsourcing service. All that service users need to do is read articles that they find interesting. Scoopinion focuses on the content of the articles rather than on clicked headlines, because only stories which are read from start to finish make the list of recommended articles.

― During closed beta-testing the most common feedback from users has been that Scoopinion helps them to find articles that they didn’t know they were interested in, says CEO Kobra Koskinen.

Koskinen adds that users spend four times more time reading stories they find on Scoopinion than elsewhere, an average of three and a half minutes. The company believes strongly that people want to read high-quality articles and that Scoopinion will make it easier for readers to find them.

In autumn 2011 Scoopinion won 250 000 euros to further develop the service in the Uutisraivaaja innovation contest organised by the Helsingin Sanomat Foundation.

The full service is presently available only on Google’s Chrome browser, but it works also on Mozilla Firefox.